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Saturday, 27 October 2007

tm helps you get what you want

toddmontgomery consultancy (tmc) is an international consultancy in the areas of organizational change, leadership and people development.

In organizations, the focus is on "the people side of change" - leading people through change situations while effectively managing organizational and interpersonal complexity.

What kind of change?

Changes like mergers and acquisitions (M&As), strategic refocus, business transformation, restructuring, design changes, employee engagement initiatives, corporate culture and brand renewals, internal communication activities and a host of others - at both the organizational and individual level.

How does
tmc work with clients? Well, a good indicator is the tmc corporate tagline:

This means working with leaders and teams so they are clear what they want (set the strategy and develop the vision). Then, based on what comes out of that, helping them define the things they need to do (individually and as a team) to get what they want. 

Together we diagnose, develop and deliver a program that helps leaders find practical, sustainable ways to get the best out of each individual team member. Particular focus is placed on effective communications, emotional self-management, integrating diverse talents and particular strengths within the team, and learning how to identify and positively influence patterns of behaviour in oneself and others.

Helping you achieve and sustain practical results
The work doesn't end there! In the next stage of our collaboration, tmc acts in an advisory role to offer guidance and assistance with the implementation - a key component of which is finding ways to embed change competencies in the organization to sustain the change in the long term.

The methodologies used to achieve these practical results may include: individual consultation, group facilitation, large group process, executive/group/performance coaching, and workshops to enhance skills development across the team. The ultimate objective is to not only develop skills but to create sustained behaviour change (where "behaviour" is simply a skill that is applied in real-life setting) for positive business results.

In larger organizations, internal facilitators and coaches can be certified in a combination of process, systems and group leadership methods to help carry out change initiatives and embed learning in the organization through practical application in the workplace setting.

The end result: a culture of engagement with motivated teams of people who get things done.

tmc approach is based on the belief that there is no standardized, catch-all method that will suit every client. The focus is instead on responding to your particular reality and "making it fresh" every time - tailored to your reality and most importantly: enjoyable and engaging!

What about individuals?

tmc also helps individuals to identify and "get what they want." Here's how it works.

A short series of conversations help you to identify your desired outcomes and develop a practical action plan to achieve your goals. You'll experience greater clarity, a chance to "think out loud" and ways to use your particular skills, talents and abilities to get the tangible results you want. Each conversation builds on the last to promote accountability, highlight your progress, and encourage you to "have another go" - to go out and learn from each effort, adjusting course until you reach your destination.

To find out how tmc can help you get what you want, contact Todd at:

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