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Monday, 24 November 2008

Transformational Leadership Intensive - Cairns Jan/09

There's a great opportunity coming up in Australia that I want to let you know about.

The next Transformational Leadership Intensive training program will be held in Cairns, Queensland from 20-24 January 2009. In this intensive workshop you
will explore the meaning, context and value of Transformational Leadership and gain skills in this practical application of the NeuroPower framework.

The program will be taught by the creator of the NeuroPower framework, the author and strategist Peter Burow. My role will be as co-facilitator for the program. I will also help participants to embed the knowledge gained in these workshops in their particular work settings with practical follow-on coaching sessions.

See the flyer here - for registration details contact me.


During five intensive days you will learn more about how to weave together the three key areas of Management, Leadership and Transformational Leadership (see diagram below) to ensure peak performance for your business or organization. Subsequent coaching ensures that you to retain this knowledge and are better able to apply it to your own real-life situations.

Management – learn the six needs that effective leaders must satisfy in order to build a stable, agile, focused, performance-oriented, informed and team-centred organization

Practical skills:

  • identify why teams are not functioning effectively
  • execute processes to increase trust, creativity, passion, connection, knowledge and hope within teams
  • coach employees on their signature strength and help them to practically embed this knowledge in their daily work

Leadership – learn the concepts of character and integration as applied to Leadership and how life stages and psycho-emotional/spiritual development changes the individual’s motivation, focus on attention and worldview

Practical skills:
  • create a coherent vision and sense of purpose that aligns people to that vision
  • apply character as a leader to every management dilemma for increased business performance

Transformational Leadership – learn the role the brain’s limbic system plays in motivation, communication, attitude change, perception and decision making

Practical skills:

  • communicate and negotiate with each of the limbic types
  • transform the energy expressed as resistance to change into the motivation and commitment to carry out change processes

These skills will enable you as a Transformational Leader to:

  • provide strategic advice regarding the specific actions required to contextualize the change and engage employees in rolling out your strategy for enhanced performance
  • advise leaders on the actions, processes and sequence of messages to be employed to maximize positive employee engagement
  • describe at all levels of the organization the key messages needed to dissolve resistance

COACHING increases retention of information by up to 400%

These workshops are an excellent way to learn how to apply the powerful and practical NeuroPower framework at a very reasonable time and cost investment. What’s more, the program includes post-workshop coaching to practically embed your new knowledge in your own setting and ensure that you gain maximum value for your investment.

You are probably familiar with the concept of the “learning curve” that refers to how fast we learn information. The same psychologist who described that concept also discovered the “forgetting curve” which states that we begin immediately to forget what we have learned unless we revisit the information and, ideally, apply it to embed the knowledge.

Memory experiments show that within hours most people will retain less than half of the overall material presented, and after 30 days only about 22% remains. With coaching, however, the information retention increases to as much as 88% - a four-fold increase. Clearly, coaching on practical application of knowledge has the potential to achieve tremendous results.

As a workshop participant, here's how coaching works for you:

  • during the five days you will first learn the theories and skills
  • before you leave on Day Five you set yourself a few practical tasks to do within a set period of time
  • you then have a go at applying them with your own work and personal situation
  • we have regularly-scheduled coaching conversations to close the loop on your learning, exploring what has worked well in your practice and what useful tweaks you will want to make for next time.
Overall the coaching follow-up process offers you the vital opportunity to:

review your efforts
reinforce your successes
revise your approach where things need improvement
rehearse new applications and practices in advance of doing them “for real”
reengage with the learning process and thereby
retain your knowledge as you strengthen the neural connections associated with that learning

Once again, if you are interested and wish to find out more, email me.


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