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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Following tmconsultancy on twitter

Thanks for clicking! Here’s what’s on offer.

What you can expect as a tmconsultancy follower on twitter are posts with:
  • links to practical and interesting articles and blog posts on (among others) the following topics:
    • Positive Change
    • human behaviour and interaction
    • neuroscience & brain research
    • limbic responses
    • emotional reactivity
    • psychology, philosophy, anthropology
    • employee engagement
    • negotiation, mediation, facilitation
    • persuasion & influence
    • creativity & innovation
    • coaching
    • strategy development & execution
    • cross-cultural business
    • marketing
    • communications
    • adult learning principles
  • personal status/location updates – esp. while travelling to neat new places
  • my own occasional musings, observations, insights or outbursts
  • info about worthwhile causes – esp. animal welfare/rehabilitation, habitat protection and educational programs
  • retweets, kudos and thanks – to show the love
  • and, of course, questions to tap the collective knowledge/wisdom of the twitterverse

Who's Todd anyway?
I’m a Canadian living in Manly, Australia (part of Sydney’s “Northern Beaches”) and I divide my time among Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and Canada.

Ich spreche sehr gerne Deutsch, je parle pas mal le français, ik spreek wel Nederlands, estoy aprendiendo lentamente español, och jag förstår lite svensk - so I enjoy connecting with people all over the world.

My non-work interests include surfing, scuba diving, sailing, wildlife, travel, photography, design, film, cooking and learning about wine (especially big Aussie reds...the "hard" way, glass by glass).

What I do
I consult, write and speak about the many aspects of human behaviour and interaction that can help (or hinder) organizations seeking practical business results. For my professional bio check out my LinkedIn profile and, if we share interests, send me an invitation to connect.


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