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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Inspiration and insights in Oxford - Team Coaching and facilitation

Really happy with today's workshop at the IAF Europe conference in Oxford. My session The Facilitator as Coach was oversubscribed, which made for a cozy group of participants as well as five enthusiastic volunteers for the live coaching session that took place.

I've looked over the feedback I received from over 20 people who were there and am very grateful for the helpful insights and advice...not to mention the affirms! :)

A few highlights:
  • Relaxed and warm approach. Love your humour!
  • Very good, you allowed the process, as opposed to your agenda, run the session.
  • Clear structure and explanations.
  • Well demonstrated.
  • Good simulation, easy to apply technique, good structure.
  • The group [demonstration] worked exceptionally well, balancing between structured, to-do advice and empathy about difficulties faced.
  • You are friendly and nice to listen to - very good!
  • There was a clear flow of informationadvice between parties, which I am very keen on.
  • The role play brought home how the dynamics of the group can work.
For people who wanted to attend the workshop and couldn't make it, here is a link to the handout: Team Coaching - Using the Reflecting Team Coaching format

If you'd like to discuss it further, catch me at the conference tomorrow morning. At 9AM I'll run a workshop (see below) and will be happy to chat with people afterwards before I leave at around noon.

Identify & Deliver on your Personal Brand
Sunday 20th September, 09h00
Room SR3
This session is for facilitators who want to better understand their brand in order to win work (for consultants) and/or influence key internal stakeholders (for employees). What difference does YOUR facilitation make? How are you presenting yourself and your services? And, crucially - are you able to consistently DELIVER on those promise?
Learn what questions to ask yourself, how to communicate your brand and how to align your work with your own personal gifts, talents and abilities in order to ensure consistent delivery.
Look forward to seeing friends new and old tomorrow for a hands-on session full of practical tools and takeaways. Align your pesonal facilitation brand with your own best abilities and you'll be delighting your clients in no time!

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