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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Chair of Employee Engagement conference, April 2010

Melcrum Australia has once again asked me to act as Conference Chair, this time for their bi-annual Employee Engagement conference to be held on 21-22 April 2010 in Melbourne.

The event is geared to those managers whose current challenge is to keep employees engaged, motivated and focused on the right goals, helping employees to not only understand their role in the company strategy, but believe that they can influence the outcomes. As employees embrace this mentality, they will be highly motivated to help the organization innovate, grow and succeed.

This year's conference features a keynote presentation from the Great Place to Work Institute along with case studies and best practices from the following companies: St. George Bank, Virgin Mobile, Inchcape, KPMG, Woolworths, Melbourne Water, Deloitte, NAB, Telstra, VicRoads, Hay Group, REA Group and Ericsson.

Attend this year's conference and discover how you can help your company achieve its performance goals by:

  • Sustaining engagement during major change
  • Doing more with less: deliver results on a limited budget
  • Enabling front line managers to be the key engagement influencers
  • Redesigning intranets for collaboration and innovation
  • HR practices linking employees to strategic intent
  • Generating collaboration between Corporate Communication, Human Resources, Finance and Operations

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SnapComms said...

Look forward to seeing you there Todd!