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Monday, 12 July 2010

Positive People Engagement - Australian workshop series

I'm happy to announce a series of practical 2-day workshops that will cover the "how-to" of Employee Engagement. If Positive People Engagement is a focus for you and your organization, this is the workshop to attend in 2010. Read on to find out how to claim your 10% discount off the registration cost!

The workshops are happening across Australia in the second half of August on the following dates and locations: Sydney on 16-17, Melbourne on 19-20, Perth on 23-24 and Brisbane on 26-27.

With the help of these informative and hands-on sessions you'll:

1.     Understand how to transform strategy into action and results
2.     Learn how to engage people before, during, after major change initiative
3.     Bring onboard and integrate new hires for faster and high productivity
4.     Gain the elusive "discretionary input" secret
5.     Outline what is "most critical" to engage and retain employees
6.     Link your brand with specific engagement objectives
7.     Use storytelling to engage your staff
8.     Energise and involve senior management in your engagement efforts

Check out the full course program.

Call 02 9085 7456 to register or click on the links for the city nearest you provided above.

And remember: to claim your 10% discount mention this blog post when you register.

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