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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Facilitation workshops in Melbourne & Sydney

In association with Melcrum Australia, I'll be presenting two workshops on facilitation skills for professionals in all fields. The first will take place in Melbourne (Tue 19 Oct) and the second in Sydney (Wed 03 Nov).

Fantastic Facilitation is a one-day workshop that gives you practical "how-to" techniques to facilitate meetings, conferences, workshops and other group sessions.

Facilitation comes from the Latin facile or facere meaning "to make easy." 

Good facilitation involves making interventions and applying processes that help the group move towards its goal more directly, enjoyably and quickly. A great facilitator is one who can bring the best out in people and promote positive group engagement with the task and each other - and who does so in a way that is largely invisible and seemingly effortless.

As a result of the training you will:
  • Discover how to set yourself up for facilitation success in every situation
  • Know what questions you should ask before you even enter the room
  • Identify when and how to make skillful interventions
  • Understand how to engage effectively with different groups
  • Have a better understanding of group dynamics and how to affect them
  • Gain confidence to handle "problem participants"
  • Learn how to channel powerful emotions into productive outcomes
  • Create your own toolbox of practical facilitation tools and techniques
  • Produce a personal list of next three steps to further your facilitation
Register here for the Melbourne and Sydney events.

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