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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Melbourne Workshop Series - Constructive Conversations

"Constructive Conversations" comes to Melbourne

  • Three different skills-building workshops - attend one, two or all three 
  • Each workshop includes a one-on-one coaching followup for each participant 
  • Learn practical tools that you can use right away
  • Dates: Tue 12 Mar / Sat 16 Mar
  • Location: Temenos, an artistic "Playspace" in Gardenvale
  • Cost: 1 workshop $149 or take 2 workshops @ $129ea.
  • International Women's Day Special Offer: Attend all 3 workshops for $99ea.
Workshop #1: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Feedback (Tuesday 12 March at 18.00)

Workshop #2: How to get what you want at work...and in life Women-only session (Saturday 16 March at 9.00)

Workshop #3: The Art of Negotiation (Saturday 16 March at 13.00)
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Todd Montgomery, M.A. CMC
Your Workshop Leader: Todd Montgomery
Author, Consultant & Executive Coach

Todd has over 15 years of experience working with people in the areas of human behaviour and interaction.

His workshops and coaching feature a practical and positive approach to personal and professional development. It helps you get very clear on what you want, gain focus in your actions, build on your strengths, draw out your unique know-how and resources, and then apply them directly to your current situation to actually execute your plans.

His consulting and coaching work takes him across Austral-Asia, UK/Europe and North America. A frequent keynote speaker and chair for organisations and conferences, Todd has delivered workshops and participated in panel discussions on a host of leadership and organisational topics. 

What previous attendees have said about Todd's workshops:
  • Relaxed and warm approach. Love your humour!
  • Clear structure and explanations.
  • Good simulation, easy to apply technique, good structure.
  • The group [demonstration] worked exceptionally well, balancing between structured, to-do advice and empathy about difficulties faced.
  • You are friendly and nice to listen to - very good!
  • There was a clear flow of information advice between parties, which I am very keen on.
  • The role play brought home how the dynamics of the group can work.
  • Well done! Great tools, way of sharing, and good humour!
  • Good mix of theory and flowed - thank you!
  • High engagement...excellent explanation and use of The Affirm technique.
  • Energized and engaged - good experience.
  • Very informative and easy to follow.


Words that hurt, words that help – express yourself for best effect

In many key areas of day-to-day life - negotiations, giving and receiving feedback, handling conflict, backing yourself in an assertive way we fail to achieve what we want and experience unnecessary stress and drama.  

So much of our ability to connect with and influence others depends on the words we use...and yet we’re often sloppy with our language, putting others on the defensive and being unclear about what we want.

At the Constructive Conversations workshop series in Melbourne, you'll learn an effective model to make yourself clear, increase mutual understanding and make it much more likely that you'll get what you want out of your interactions with others.

Workshop #1: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Feedback (Tue 12 Mar at 18.00)

“Let me give you some feedback…”

Is there any phrase that sets people on edge as quickly as that one?! Done well, feedback provides an invaluable, irreplaceable source of useful information and insight. So why is it so often done so badly…? And how come so many people turn themselves inside out rather than offer their views on a matter that really matters to them?

Giving and receiving feedback – communication, not criticism
Instead of so-called “constructive criticism” you’ll learn how to have a Constructive Conversation where useful information is exchanged and both parties end up the better for having spoken. Never walk away from another touchy, controversial or complex issue again!

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Workshop #2: How to get what you want at work...and in life Women-only session (Sat 16 Mar at 9.00)
Doing what works - choose your thoughts, choose your happiness
The way you choose to view the world has a tremendous impact on your own happiness and your ability to interact effectively with others. Learn a simple, lightweight and highly effective means to improve your life today!

Assertiveness Tips for Women
Learn ways to deal with broken promises, violated expectations and bad behaviour. Learn how to handle life’s situations with appropriate assertiveness (not excessive aggression). Keep your cool with Constructive Conversations for greater success in both negotiations and other life situations that call for savvy influencing skills...and a dash of assertive female persuasion.

ADDED BONUS: Be inspired! During this week of International Women's Day,  participants will have the chance to purchase a signed copy of Beatrice Imbert's latest book The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women - How Everyday Women Achieved Extraordinary Lives and How You Can Too

Workshop #3: The Art of Negotiation (Sat 16 Mar at 13.00)
It's been said that all of life is a negotiation. Done badly, negotiation can waste huge amounts of time to reach an unsatisfying outcome that pleases no one. What's more, a failed negotiation can do lasting damage to your relationship with the other party. 

This workshop offers you a better way: An approach that is remarkably effective and remarkably quick to learn: a way to step beyond stuck positions and seek solutions that are better for both sides – better than current positions, better than mere compromise.

Why not use a little MAGIC
The best result from a negotiation is an agreement both sides want to keep, while building good relations and not wasting any time. Even in the face of hard-nosed bargaining, entrenched positions or dirty tricks, you’ll learn ways of holding Constructive Conversations and respectfully acknowledging the other – without in any way giving in. Instead you’ll have the confidence to hold your ground and the clarity to avoid being taken for a ride. That includes the confidence to know when to say yes – and when to walk away.

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Putting your skills to work - follow-on coaching

Each of these three highly interactive workshops will give you the chance to work on a real-life issue that you currently face (and possibly dread), giving you concrete action steps to follow in the days and weeks to come. Together they offer a powerful toolkit of practical skills that you can start using right away!

To help you get the most from your new learning, I'm also offering these extensive added resources and support...

 **Exclusive to these Melbourne dates - along with the workshop content, you'll receive the following bonuses:

The full price of the each workshop is normally $495.00 per person.

In this exclusive time-limited offer, attend a single workshop for only $149.
Sign up for two workshops and the cost of each workshop drops to just $129 - that's $258 for a full day's worth of valuable workshop content AND a coaching sessions for each workshop topic.
And in celebration of International Women's Day, I'm offering the complete set of three workshops to any ladies who wish to attend at a rate of $99/workshop - that's just $297 for a day and a half of skills-building knowledge AND a coaching session for each workshop topic.

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The Venue:
Temenos - Our "Playspace" for each workshop
108 Gardenvale Road
Gardenvale, VIC 3185

Gardenvale is a village inside the triangle of Brighton, Elwood and Elsternwick. 
It's an easy DRIVE 15-20 minutes south along St Kilda Road/Nepean Hwy to Gardenvale Road, then turn left. Street parking is available. 
By TRAIN take the Sandringham line to Gardenvale station then walk 5 minutes along Gardenvale Road, just past the award-winning  Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird Roastery and cafe.

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