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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Michael Rennie – McKinsey, meaning-making, mindsets and more…

It's been a week of serendipity...while researching something else entirely I came across this interview with Michael Rennie, whose name resonated because of a conversation I had on the weekend. His point of view converges entirely with the ideas I want to promote with this blog and deserves the widest possible audience, hence this post.

Rennie's a remarkable individual. Diagnosed at the age of 31 with terminal cancer and given at most 12 months to live, he embarked on both an inward journey (remember yesterday's post about the value of plumbing the depths...?) and a process of connecting outwardly with others.

He beat the cancer and now over a decade later has taken the lessons he learned in the process about meaning-making, meditation and changing mindsets into the world of large organizations. Today as global co-leader of McKinsey & Company's Mindsets and Capabilities practice he specializes in performance culture improvement and behaviour change in large organizations, working closely with Chairmen and their top teams on leadership performance.

The result is a compelling vision of transformational leadership for the 21st century.
Hope you enjoy what he has to say as much as I did.

Michael Rennie: Head & Heart

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