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Friday, 11 April 2008

What's coming up on the tmc blog

Today I'd like to give you a glimpse of some ideas I've formed during conversations and experiences over the past two weeks and give you a preview of blog posts that are coming up.

I had a conversation with my friend Sakyakumara in Cambridge, who's generously shared his thoughts with me on the subject of "MAGIC" negotiation and whose workshop rolls out next week in the UK. Our chat provided the prompt for me to explore further what happens with the brain when we're told to do something (à la command-and-control style management) vs when we're asked to be part of the decision-making that results in a decision. Watch for a post on this subject soon.

I've also spoken to Melcrum Australia , an conference organizer and publishing house working in the domain of effective internal communications. We discussed the subject of online social networks and wondered out loud: have we hit "Facebook fatigue" or are these networks still relevant today? The fruit of those discussions will, I hope, be a weeklong series of articles appearing here and possibly on their members-only blog, The Internal Comms Hub.

Working this week with a very bright bunch in the Human Capital team at Australia's largest professional services firm highlighted a couple of themes that I look forward to writing about in the weeks to come: first, what are the significant differences between the male and female brains and second, what in neuroscientific terms is the value of providing affirms and positive feedback to people?

While compiling a project proposal last week for one of Australia's top global investment banks I became familiar with Keith Sawyer's terrific book Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration. Watch this blog for a review of the book this weekend, part of a new series of book reviews.

Next week I'll be in Melbourne working with a group of senior partners, again at Australia's largest professional services firm. While I'm there I plan to connect with my mate Adrian Cropley to discuss holding a NeuroPower information session/workshop to be held in Melbourne looking at how neuroscience and brain research offer insights into the area of Change Communications. More info to come on that one, watch this space!

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