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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Cole Classic result: coaching offer still on!

Shark's-eye view
Wow I can hardly believe it's been two weeks since I swam the Cole Classic ocean swim. There's so much great stuff going on that time's got away from me!

Tell ya more about that later, for now: I'm happy to say that it's official - I braved the crowds on land and in the water, dodged the jellyfish (sharks?) and completed the 1km in under half an hour. Pretty happy with that result for my first-ever swim! Check out pictures of the event here.

Good show, old chap!
What I'm even happier about is the generosity of more than 20 donors, whose support of my chosen charity the WSPA raised over $1,100. Over half of those donors can now take advantage of the coaching offer.

And - the offer still stands! The fundraising page is still live and if you choose to donate AUD$50.00 or more, tmc will offer you a complimentary 1-hour coaching session. No further obligation is required - just make a donation and we'll book you a coaching session (live or by telephone) at your convenience. That's it!

Thanks to all the donors so far and I hope anyone who wanted to donate before the event will take advantage of this chance!

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