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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Views of a planet worth saving

I've not had the time to write on this trip that I'd have liked to have, but it's been great to travel and gather thoughts and ideas for future posts.

For the moment I can report that after mixed fall weather in London I've had exceptionally nice weather here in Montreal and Halifax, an Indian summer to accompany the turning of the leaves and fall colours blanketing the landscape.

Connecting with nature's beauty and the spectacle of such large-scale changes in the cycle of the seasons is a fantastic experience. Watching two deer pick their way along the side of Mount Shefford in Quebec's eastern townships and surveying the vast forests of Nova Scotia with the deep auburns, fiery reds and brightly-tinged orange leaves have been just a few of my favourite moments back in Canada.

All the more reason, I think, that we act to ensure the preservation of these natural spectacles. For as big as nature is, it's evident that the collective ability of humans to affect the world around us now outweighs nature's ability to absorb the impact.

In a previous post, I said I would support the 1% for the planet movement. I need to revise that - but in a way that effectively revises my contribution upward.

You see, the 1% for the planet organization actually takes 20% of contributions that companies like mine make to it, in order to fund its non-profit activities, with the 80% balance going to charities. Now this is fair enough; it's their call and they need to support themselves somehow.

For my part I'd rather have my 20% going directly to the charities and environmental groups that need it, rather than designing logos, running marketing campaigns and the other activities that the 1% organization is doing.

So I will adhere to my commitment of contributing 1% of tmc's gross revenues directly to charitable organizations, and will name the bodies that I support in the pages of this blog. I wish the 1% for the planet people every success and appreciate them popularizing the concept. For now, however, I'm choosing to go direct!

I trust you are enjoying nature wherever you are - it's the easiest and cheapest way to refresh your mind and recharge your batteries.

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